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Webinar on August 25th at 1pm

Behind Closed Doors:What We Have Learned from the Forensic Death investigation of Women and Children in our Community 

By Pamela L. Gay, RN, BS, D-ABMDI, York County Coroner

Pam Gay has been a Registered Nurse for 39 years and has been York County’s elected Coroner since 2014. Her critical care nursing and forensic nursing background have been greatly beneficial to her in her role as Coroner. Pam and her deputy coroners conduct forensic death investigations in York County and interact daily with the families of their decedents impacted by sudden and traumatic death. Pam and York County DA Dave Sunday co-founded the York Co. Heroin Taskforce, now the York Opioid Collaborative, and she has been a strong advocate for educating the York community about addiction. Pam has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 37 years, and they have two adult, married children and three grandchildren. Prior to becoming Coroner, Pam and her husband had custody of her great-nephew and great-niece as their mother struggled with addiction. Now both children are grown and serving in the military, and their mother has been in recovery for many years. Pam has been able to utilize her life experiences as she relates to the family members of her decedents.





1. The participant will learn the risk factors associated with increased risk of homicides of women and men in intimate partner and other domestic relationships; specifically warning signs of possible impending homicide

2. The participant will learn how domestic homicides are investigated utilizing 3-4 homicide case studies of domestic homicide in York County, the wounds/injuries identified post-mortem vs. what is sometimes seen ante-mortem

3. The participant will learn about screening tools utilized by local police to help break the cycle of intimate partner violence/homicide

4. The participant will learn how the forensic death investigator team helps support education/awareness in the community regarding prevention of these acts of violence

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