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Eleanor Delewski, BSN, RN, CEPN, SANE-A, SANE-P

I have been a nurse for ten years - for most of them I have worked in the Emergency Department.   I have been a SANE for five years, caring for both adult and pediatric patients.  I have been leading the SANE team at my hospital for the last few years and over the last year have shifted my work time to be almost entirely focused on the SANE program. I currently work one clinical shift a week and spend the rest of my work life creating SANE related educational content, offering community education and working on expanding the SANE program into the network of hospitals that my home hospital purchased in 2018.  When I first started this I never imagined it would end up becoming my primary job but it has been the most rewarding work I have done - in addition to the satisfaction of being able to help patients I have found that I really love teaching and being able to mentor new SANES - watching them gain confidence in their skills and grow in their roles.  I am currently enrolled in an MSN in Nursing Education. 


My husband and I have been foster parents for 13 years.  We have parented twelve kids (and counting) - including three forever kids - two sons (now grown) that we adopted from foster care when they were teens and a daughter who was born to us.  We currently have three kids in our home - our home grown princess and two little foster loves. We love to travel and have been all over the country and the world with our little tribe. 

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