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Dr. Jocelyn Anderson is an Assistant Professor at the Pennsylvania State University College of Nursing. She is originally from the middle-of-nowhere, Minnesota where she completed her undergraduate degree in nursing in 2008. Since then she has trained at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, earning her MSN (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Forensic Nursing Focus) and PhD; and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine completing postdoctoral fellowship training focused on adolescent research in community settings. She is an internationally certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner providing medical forensic care for patients who have experienced physical or sexual violence. Dr. Anderson’s research has focused on the physical and mental health outcomes of violence, and interventions to prevent and respond to violence. She is particularly interested in using technology-based interventions to improve health and justice outcomes at the intersections of violence, substance use, and mental health issues.

Dr. Jocelyn Anderson, PhD, SANE-A

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